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Plastic enclosures

Plastic enclosures made from Luran, ABS and polycarbonate
ROLEC plastic enclosures impress with their modern design and above all their many applications in the field of industrial electronics. Manufactured from Luran, ABS or polycarbonate, the enclosures have numerous practical product advantages such as hidden lid supports and recesses to accommodate films, membrane keypads and front plates as standard. Fastening domes in the bottom and the high ingress protection of up to IP 66 also highlight the high quality of the plastic enclosures from ROLEC.

Plastic enclosures


Plastic premium enclosure made from high-quality LURAN

• Advanced UV-stable enclosure for external use

• Recess in lid to accommodated e.g. membrane keypads as standard

• Available with special mast fastening

• IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529, IP 69 K / ISO 20653


Plastic premium enclosure made from high-quality LURAN

• Elegant ASA designer enclosure

• Front surface with recess to accommodate front plates or membrane keypads

• Covered screw channels with design covers

• IP 66 / EN 60529


Multivariable enclosure made from ABS and polycarbonate with designer stripes

• Lids and bottoms can be combined with each other as desired

• Integrated recess for membrane keypads, front plates and similar

• Six design cover colours to choose from

• IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529


Special standard enclosure made from ABS

• Elegant standard enclosure made from ABS

• Slanted lid edges

• Prefabricated recess to accommodate membrane keypads or front plates

• IP 66 / EN 60529