The display design enclosure made from aluminium profiles

aluDISPLAY application

Attachment to the taraPLUS suspension arm system possible

Simple mounting of the suspension arm

Front plate without visible screws

Profile slot for insertion of mounting plates

Quick mounting of the front plate

Spring nuts for the inserting circuit boards or internal mounting



Designer display enclosures made from aluminium profiles


IP 54

aluDISPLAY is a modern and versatile range of display and command enclosures available in three standard widths. The enclosures are ideal for electronic controls and operating units with flat displays and modules.

The attractive design has many useful features including extruded guide rails inside for fitting slide-in PCBs and modules. Assemblies and components can also be fitted with spring nuts. The front panel is suitable for mounting a membrane keypad, keyboard or touch panel. Assembly or removal of the enclosure is extremely quick thanks to snap-on cover profiles. These enclosures can be connected to our taraPLUS suspension arm system using the compatible end cover.

We can supply aluDISPLAY fully customized to your requirements.

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  Type Part No. Weight (g) Profile Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI 180 Standart ADI 180 RGS.ADI.180 1 180 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI taraPLUS suspension arm ADI 180-T for taraPLUS RGS.ADI.180-T 1 180 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI with wall fixation ADI 180-W with wall-/desk fixation RGS.ADI.180-W 1 180 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI 180 Standart ADI 240 RGS.ADI.240 1 240 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI taraPLUS suspension arm ADI 240-T for taraPLUS suspension arm RGS.ADI.240-T 1 240 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI with wall fixation ADI 240-W with wall-/desk fixation RGS.ADI.240-W 1 240 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI 180 Standart ADI 300 RGS.ADI.300 1 300 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI taraPLUS suspension arm ADI 300-T for taraPLUS suspension arm RGS.ADI.300-T 1 300 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
ADI with wall fixation ADI 300-W with wall-/desk fixation RGS.ADI.300-W 1 300 mm Download 3D-Model-Download
  Part No.
ADI 180 Standart RGS.ADI.180
ADI taraPLUS suspension arm RGS.ADI.180-T
ADI with wall fixation RGS.ADI.180-W
ADI 180 Standart RGS.ADI.240
ADI taraPLUS suspension arm RGS.ADI.240-T
ADI with wall fixation RGS.ADI.240-W
ADI 180 Standart RGS.ADI.300
ADI taraPLUS suspension arm RGS.ADI.300-T
ADI with wall fixation RGS.ADI.300-W
⬤ standard   o available   - not available



Enclosure sizes

3 profile sizes: 180mm/240mm/300mm
Custom lengths can be supplied to customer requirements

Additional info

Versatile display and operating enclosure for flat modules
Simple and quick mounting of internal mountings without dismantling the basic enclosure
Front plates without visible screws
Standard model with 2 closed end covers
Optional: Wall/desk fixation, articulated
Optional: Preparation for attachment to the suspension arm system taraPLUS


Profile: Extruded aluminium profile, AL Mg Si 0.5 / DIN 17615
Lid: Die-cast aluminium alloy, EN AC-44300 DIN EN 1706 (GD Al Si 12/DIN 1725)
Standard front plates: Aluminium 3 mm, Al Mg 1, silver anodised


To the ROLEC suspension arm system taraPLUS or with optional wall/desk fixation

Internal mounting

Slide-in contour for spring nuts M4/M5

Ingress protection

IP 54 / EN 60529


Lid: TPE moulded gasket, silicone-free, temperature resistance: -30°C to +100°C
Profile: Chloroprene O-ring gasket (CR), temperature resistance: -30°C +90°C

Lid screws

Stainless steel 1.4567


Profile: Anodised silver
Lid: Powder coating RAL 9005 black
Wall holder: RAL 9005 black.
Coupling pipe: Powder coating RAL 7035, light grey
Optional: Special colours


Learn more about our full customising service for installation-ready enclosures


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