Handle system RAL 9005, deep black

Combo K3 lock and hinge (side W)

Handle system RAL 3020, traffic red

Optional suspension systems taraPLUS or QUADRO

K1 back panel with lock and hinge


multiVISION Kommando

Variable display and command enclosures made from aluminium profiles


IP 65

multiVISION Kommando is a range of command enclosures made from aluminium profiles. The enclosures are highly versatile and robust, and being made-to-measure, allow maximum flexibility for housing machine control equipment.

The enclosure assembly consists of aluminium profiles, in three different sizes, that are combined to give different case depths and front and rear formats. Each multiVISION enclosure is made to order to the exact customer width and height requirements and machined with holes and cutouts to suit. The front panel can be used to mount various assemblies including membrane keypads, displays and touch panels. The enclosures can be hinged with a lock for easy access inside. Optional handle bars can also be fitted for positioning when the enclosure is fitted to a suspension arm. A desk version can also be supplied (with separate display and operating enclosure).

multiVISION Kommando is compatible with all ROLEC suspension arm systems.

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  Type Part No. Profile Handle system Mounting plates Slotted head screw Triangular screw Collar-head screw Level-fastener Level-fastener with lock Download 3D-Model-Download
MVK-01 K multiVISION-Kommando MVK-01 120 mm MVK-01 K1 o o o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
MVK04K multiVISION-Kommando MVK-02 120/60 mm MVK-02 K2 o o o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
MVK04K multiVISION-Kommando MVK-03 120/120 mm MVK-03 K3 o o o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
MVK04K multiVISION-Kommando MVK-04 120/180 mm MVK-04 K4 o o o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
  Part No.
MVK-01 K MVK-01
⬤ standard   o available   - not available



Enclosure sizes

Made to customer required sizes
L x W x H max. 800 x 800 x 300 mm

Additional info

Versatile control and command enclosure
Articulated front and rear wall door
Assembly of front plates without visible screws


Extruded aluminium
Door: Aluminium corner pieces with aluminium profiles 
Standard front plates: Aluminium 3 mm, Al Mg 1, silver anodised
Optional: Finished front plates, bored, stamped, engraved or printed
Optional handle frame: Steel pipe, powder coated, RAL 3020, traffic red or RAL 9005, deep black
Enclosure lock: Double bit, triangular, square and special locks also possible


To a ROLEC suspension arm system or external mounting brackets

Internal mounting

Slide-in contour for spring nuts M4/M5

Ingress protection

IP 65 / EN 60529


Enclosure and front plate: Chloroprene O-ring gasket (CR), temperature resistance: -30°C to +90°C


Powder coating RAL 7040, window grey
Optional: Special colours


Learn more about our full customising service for installation-ready enclosures


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Enclosures tolerance

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Ingress protection

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