Desk connection

The wall pivot mount

The wall pivot mount

profiPLUS wall connection - ideal also for profiles, e.g. from ITEM, Bosch, etc.

Installation-ready processing is one of our particular strengths

Slide-in contour for spring nuts M4/M5

profiPANEL + profiPLUS 50 application

Profile handles are optionally available

Eight depths. From 60 to 300 mm

Keyboard and mouse holder are optionally available

ROLEC Service: Customised front plate

Practical desk solution available with a depth of 60 and 90 mm

Urban design for modern machinery

Wall pivot mount for left and right hand swing

Corner covers available in four colours



Design Command enclosure


Up to IP 65

Thanks to the option of combining the three basic profile depths, profiPANEL enables a total of eight mounting depths to be provided for (PPD 150 is available, as required, as a basic profile or as a profile combination consisting of a 90 mm and a 60 mm basic profile). The connection of 60 or 90 mm deep desk also offers additional options for extended internal mounting. Thanks to this wide range of depths, profiPANEL therefore enables almost every conceivable configuration for the internal mounting of components to be realised. The enclosure front of the profiPANEL system is manufactured made-to-measure and provides for the almost edgeless and flush mounting of a front plate, which is permanently connected to the enclosure. Appropriate cut-outs for a display, switches and more are included in the service provided by ROLEC and are produced ex-works to meet customer specifications. A desk is a clever solution when there’s not enough space in the control enclosure or you need additional buttons. The profiPANEL series therefore includes two desk models, 60 and 90 mm deep (D), for internal mounting. The desk adapter offers plenty of space for routing HDMI or DVI cables or network plugs. The desk is 200 mm high ex works. Non-standard dimensions are available on request. The rear wall of the desk is bolted on as standard. An ergonomically designed profile handle system is available for even more convenient handling, particularly with the deeper profile versions. There is also a 450-mm wide latching keyboard holder as an alternative to the desk, which can be enhanced and/or extended by an additional mouse holder.

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Find the right accessories for all profiPANEL enclosures.




Eight installation depths: from 60 to 300 mm. Choose the best one for your application.


Find the right accessories for all profiPANEL enclosures.

  Type Part No. Weight (g) Corrosion proof coating Tilting Download
503.330.AAA- Keyboard tray 450mm, swiveling 503.330.AAA 1138 o Download
503.330.BBB- Mouse tray for 450mm keyboard tray 503.330.BBB 445 o - Download
522.330.BBB- Handhold 522.330.BBB 0 - - Download
655.330.000 Mounting Bracket Set 655.330.000 0 - - Download
713.003.XXX Corner Covers RAL 3020 713.003.XXX 0 - - Download
713.005.XXX Corner Covers RAL 5017 713.005.XXX 0 - - Download
713.009.XXX Corner Covers RAL 9005 713.009.XXX 0 - - Download
  Part No.
503.330.AAA- 503.330.AAA
503.330.BBB- 503.330.BBB
522.330.BBB- 522.330.BBB
655.330.000 655.330.000
713.003.XXX 713.003.XXX
713.005.XXX 713.005.XXX
713.009.XXX 713.009.XXX
⬤ standard   o available   - not available


Eight installation depths: from 60 to 300 mm. Choose the best one for your application.

  Type Part No. Handle system Hinges Double-bit fastener Wall pivot mount Profile handle Download
330.060.AAA PPD 60 Basis 330.060.AAA o - o Download
330.090.AAA PPD 90 Basis 330.090.AAA o o o Download
330.150.AAA PPD 150 Basis 330.150.AAA o o o Download
332.120.AAA PPD 120 (Kombi 60/60) 332.120.AAA o - o Download
332.180.AAA PPD 150 (Kombi 90/60) 332.150.AAA o o o Download
332.150.AAA PPD 180 (Kombi 90/90) 332.180.AAA o - o Download
332.210.AAA PPD 210 (Kombi 150/60) 332.210.AAA o - o Download
332.240.AAA PPD 240 (Kombi 150/90) 332.240.AAA o - o Download
332.300.AAA PPD 300 (Kombi 150/150) 332.300.AAA o - o Download
  Part No.
330.060.AAA 330.060.AAA
330.090.AAA 330.090.AAA
330.150.AAA 330.150.AAA
332.120.AAA 332.120.AAA
332.180.AAA 332.150.AAA
332.150.AAA 332.180.AAA
332.210.AAA 332.210.AAA
332.240.AAA 332.240.AAA
332.300.AAA 332.300.AAA
⬤ standard   o available   - not available



Enclosure sizes

Made-to-measure as per customer's needs
L x W x H max. 150 x 150 x 360 mm
800 x 800 x 60-300 mm

Additional information

Minimalist, multi-variable design for modern machines
Profile enclosure – made-to-measure
Three basic profiles (60/90/150 mm). Eight  enclosure depths: 60/90/120/150/180/210/240/300 mm
Front plate is permanently connected to the enclosure, mounted almost edgeless and flush


Extruded aluminium
PA corner covers, RAL 7035, 9005, 3020 or 5017
Standard front plates: aluminium 3 mm, Al Mg 1, silver anodised
Optional: Finished front plates, lasered, engraved or printed
Optional: Profile handle, PA, RAL 7035, extruded aluminium
Enclosure lock Basic profiles: locks and exterior hinges, optionally bolted
Enclosure lock profile combinations: locks and exterior hinges


Basic profile with panel coupling, all other profiles with coupling on the ROLEC suspension arm system profiPLUS 50

Internal mounting

Slide-in contour for spring nuts M4/M5

Ingress protection

Up to IP 65 / EN 60529



ROLEC service

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