inoCASE mini application

Available with polished or electro-polished coating

Membrane keypads also available

Electro-polished coating

Space-saving single-channel lid and assembly fastening, outside the enclosure interior

Metered full-silicone gaskets in the lid


inoCASE A2 mini

Innovative mini A2 stainless steel enclosures for high protection

GOST   Germanischer_Lloyd

inoCASE mini 1.4301/A2 is a unique range of very small stainless steel enclosures which provide high performance protection for industrial and marine equipment.

Unique ROLEC features include captive lid screws with single-channel closing and mounting of the enclosure, injected full-silicone gaskets and fastening brackets in the base for attaching circuit boards, terminal rails, mounting plates etc. The enclosures are mounted without the need for external brackets or holes in the sealed interior. There is also an earthing bolt attached to the lid. Cable glands, mounting plates and other accessories are also available. All enclosure sizes are also available in 1.4404/A4 grade material.

For small order quantities, we can take stock enclosures and add holes and cutouts using our in-house laser processing centre. Thus offering maximum flexibility for products required at short notice. Larger volumes are fully made to order.

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  Type Part No. Length Width Height Weight (g) Mounting point D Mounting point E Silicon-gasket Electropolishing Mounting plates Protection Class IP 67 Supporting rail for series terminals Download 3D-Model-Download
173.070.000 inoCASE IC 070 173.070.000 100 70 50 453 78 48 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
173.072.000 inoCASE IC 072 173.072.000 140 70 50 551 118 48 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
173.074.000 inoCASE IC 074 173.074.000 180 70 50 649 158 48 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
173.090.000 inoCASE IC 090 173.090.000 120 90 60 635 98 68 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
173.092.000 inoCASE IC 092 173.092.000 160 90 60 757 138 68 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
173.093.000 inoCASE IC 093 173.093.000 200 90 60 879 178 68 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download
  Part No. Length Width Height
173.070.000 173.070.000 100 70 50
173.072.000 173.072.000 140 70 50
173.074.000 173.074.000 180 70 50
173.090.000 173.090.000 120 90 60
173.092.000 173.092.000 160 90 60
173.093.000 173.093.000 200 90 60
⬤ standard   o available   - not available


Germanischer Lloyd (optional)

Enclosure sizes

6 versions
Dimensions L x W x H 
100 x 70 x 50 mm to 200 x 90 x 60 mm

Further information

Space-saving single-channel lid and assembly fastening, outside the enclosure interior
1.4301/A2 is the world's most commonly used rustproof stainless steel material, international designation: AISI 304


Stainless sheet steel, edged and welded, 1.4301 (AISI 316L) V2A alloy, sheet thickness 1.25mm


Space-saving single-channel technology

Internal mounting

M4 fastening thread in the enclosure base, M4 earthing bolt in the lid

Ingress protection

IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529
Optional: IP 69K / ISO 20653


Silicone gasket, temperature resistance:- 40°C to 80°C

Lid screws

Stainless steel, captive, Allen screw


Polished, grain: 240
Optional: Electro-polished


Learn more about our full customising service for installation-ready enclosures


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Ingress protection

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351 KB
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