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multiPANEL – the symbiosis of flexibility and design. For perfect machine handling.

At the SPS 2015 in Nuremberg ROLEC presented a complete new command enclosure concept. The combination of attractive design and the flexibility to assemble all kinds of modern control technology. Explore it for yourself.

Here you can find out everything about multiPANEL.

inoCASE – stainless steel enclosures to protect your inner values.

ROLEC inoCASE – With extreme corrosion resistance and a smooth surface finish our new inoCASE stainless steel enclosures are shining.

inoCASE stainless steel enclosures are designed for demanding industrial applications.
For example, in the food processing industry, medical applications, pharmaceuticals and process control industries the use of stainless steel is usually a requirement. The inoCASE range is manufactured in stainless steel to the standards 4310/A2 or 4404/A4. These high performance materials have a lasting and positive impact on the reliable function of the equipment. 

Another important application is in areas near seawater, for example harbours, oil rigs and other offshore-installations. At these locations the high humidity and salinity quickly act to damage many materials. inoCASE enclosures on the other hand are characterised with high resistance to these conditions and will remain fully operational with a temperature range of -40 to +80 °C.

profiPLUS – the designer suspension system.

ROLEC profiPLUS – agile support arm with a way pointing variability

Designed for universal applications in electrical engineering and industrial electronics, profiPLUS is compatible with all display/control panels from leading manufacturers. The ergonomic, stable ball joints form the turn and crucial point of the system.

These include right angle connectors, wall-, intermediate- and top joints, which build a solid connection between the carrying arm and if applicable a foot.
The cable routing is made "invisible" by special wrappings in all turn- and tilt couplings. The uncluttered and elegant appearance plays less a crucial role as the fact, that the cables are optimal protected from outside influences. The dimensions of all components are generously sized for the cables and connectors. This also simplifies the connection of the interfaces.

Thanks to the »single screw adjustment« the system can be easily and quick angled in its horizontal direction with just one screw.


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