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ROLEC Gehäuse-Systeme GmbH
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Enclosures, HMI-Enclosures, suspension arm systemes

ROLEC has a proud history as a market leader in the design and development of new concepts in enclosures, command enclosures and suspension systems. The company founders Friedhelm and Matthias Rose are pioneers in enclosures technology. Providing our customers with fully matured designs of the highest quality and value is our prime objective.


Contact information

We are happy to help!

ROLEC Gehäuse-Systeme GmbH
Kreuzbreite 2
D-31737 Rinteln

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Head office:
+49 (0) 5751-4003-0


aluDISC - an absolute all-rounder

aluDISC is the world's first round diecast aluminium enclosure for industrial electronics. The unique design integrates perfectly with machinery and piping systems. No matter if it is mounted on a wall, to a pipe system or a machine housing, the round aluDISC shape will always make a great impression.

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ROLEC is a world class manufacturer of innovative enclosures systems for protecting industrial electronics and control equipment. Our unique ergonomic designs are manufactured in diecast aluminium, ABS, polyester, flame retardant and UV-stable Luran and stainless steel. ROLEC enclosures provide protection classes from IP65 to IP67 and offer many useful features as standard. Furthermore, our extensive range also includes modern suspension arm systems, command enclosures and mobile handheld control enclosures. The range is also complemented by a large range of accessories, such as cable glands, mounting plates, supporting rails, terminal blocks and much more.


Aluminium enclosures

Modern industrial enclosures made from diecast aluminium

• 10 extensive ranges

• Innovative, stylish and practical housings for industrial electronics

• Protection classes from IP 65 to IP 69K

Plastic enclosures

Plastic enclosures in ABS, polycarbonate and UV-stable Luran

• 5 different ranges to choose from

• Modern, stylish and practical designs for industrial electronics

• High protection classes of up to IP 66

HMI- / Control- / Commandenclosures

HMI- / Control- / Command enclosure

• 7 professional product lines

• Versatile solutions for every imaginable application

• Protection class up to IP 67

Suspension Arm Systems

Suspension Arm Systems

• 7 extensive systems

• For light, medium and heavy loads

• Protection class IP 54

Stainless steel enclosures

Practical stainless steel enclosures with special design features

• 4 high-quality product lines in regular and small sizes

• Available in 1.4301/A2 and 1.4404/A4 grade

• IP 66/67 / EN 60529, optional IP 69K

Polyester enclosures

Extra robust and resistant enclosures in GRP polyester

• 3 individual ranges

• Versatile housings for electrical and electronic assemblies

• Protection classes of up to IP 66

Mobile control enclosures

Handheld enclosures for mobile electronics and machine controllers

• 2 professional product lines

• For internal and external applications

• Protection class of up to IP 67

Ex enclosures

EX enclosures in aluminium or polyester in accordance with ATEX and IECEx

• 2 aluminium ranges, 2 polyester ranges

• Approved for Ex atmospheres in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22

• Ignition protection types EXe, EXi and EX empty


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